Fun In The Sun In Jacksonville Florida Beaches

Most people might think of Miami I think of Florida beaches however the city of Jacksonville can definitely give the more famous Miami a run for its money. The state of Florida is renowned for having some of the best beaches in all the United States, and the city of Jacksonville has an amazing 22 miles of white sand beaches for visitors and residents alike to enjoy. The majority of these beaches are family-friendly and there are several beaches that are even famous both locally and regionally.

The three major beach areas in Jacksonville are Atlantic Beach, Jacksonville Beach, and Neptune Beach. These refer to larger areas, but can also refer to distinct beaches. Neptune Beach in particular is famous among a large number of visitors. Add in the fact that Amelia Island on its own has four more incredible beaches and it becomes obvious fairly quickly why the beach life is such a big deal in the city of Jacksonville.

Atlantic Beach
Atlantic Beach is an extremely popular area for family beachgoers. Whether you are looking for a day in the sun with all the kids or a relaxed restaurant on the beach to have a romantic dinner with her significant other, there are plenty of options available. These beaches are known for having a very relaxed vibe and for bordering many golf courses, are also being friendly to surfers, cycling, shell collectors, and more. If you like your beautiful beach to have a very laid back and relaxing vibe to it then Atlantic Beach is an outstanding option that provides plenty to do in town once you’ve had enough time the sun.

Jacksonville Beach
Jacksonville Beach is another outstanding option and is a popular choice for those who want a little bit more activity in their day. This is one of the most popular beaches in Jacksonville for surfers, and by far and away offers the most amenities right off the sand. This includes restaurants, specialty stores, bars & grills, and more. In other words this is developed area of the public beaches, one still manages to hold its charm for providing all the extra amenities.

Neptune Beach
Featured by the community of the same name, Neptune Beach is a very popular destination is all about the quiet beauty. You will not find a strong nightlife or any large resorts here, but a very laid-back feel like you’re in a small town complete with outstanding restaurants, small on the water hotels, and boutique shops. The beauty of the sunrises and sunsets here are legendary and this is the outstanding choice for a quiet week and the beach.

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