Have A Grand Time Visiting These Top 4 Attractions In Jacksonville FL

With almost 200 major attractions, Jacksonville is certainly a hub of a city when it comes to travel and tourism in Florida. The Sunshine state has so much to offer its visitors, and it’s no secret that JAX is a favorite city of travelers to Florida. In fact, some people say it’s where Florida begins. These 4 attractions in Jacksonville are going to tell you more about the city.

At Fort Caroline National Memorial, you get to be out in nature and get a history lesson at the same time. You’re going to find a really unique museum there, and you get to see a whole bunch of Native American artifacts. One great thing about this museum and the attraction in general is you get to do it all for free. People say there is an overlook there that will give you some great views, too.

Is it time to take the family to the park? You can visit Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park, located on Wonderwood Drive. One of the neat aspects of Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park is that you can go tent camping there. Talk about a unique adventure if you are wanting to spend some time out in nature while you’re in Jacksonville FL. There is also another location in Jacksonville where you can do that, Little Talbot Island State Park.

How about a trip to the Museum of Science and History? You get to learn more about Native American culture there, too, and much more. The museum is located at 1025 Museum Circle, and they offer a boat tour as well. The building itself features 2 1/2 floors of wonderful exhibits. Featuring brain teasers, a tree playground and much more, the Museum of Science and History is a great place to visit.

Out of the four escape room game centers in the city, One Way Out Jacksonville is ranked #1. As you can see, there is only one way out at the escape room center located at 8011 Philips Highway. Put your family team building skills to the test, and enjoy an exciting adventure that is sure to make for a fun afternoon or evening.

Your entire vacation in Jacksonville FL will be a blast. You’re going to want to get even more familiar with what all there is to do in the city. Once you pick out several places you would like to visit, it’s time to make your travel plans.